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Real Community.

Real Beer.

Crafted to remove gluten.


Handcrafted Gluten-reduced beers in a warm inclusive atmosphere.

We strive to facilitate connectedness (community) for each person we serve inside and outside our walls. This is accomplished through a comfortable, fun, and family friendly atmosphere with an emphasis on excellence and professionalism in all we do.

No one belongs here more than you.


Meet the brewers


Jack Buttram


A mountaineer at heart and by origin, Jack was raised in Almost Heaven, West by God Virginia (que banjo jokes). After moving to TX for a host of great reasons (not least of which was the love of his life), He found himself out of his natural environment, sweaty, and unsure of what to do with his free time. After visiting a brewery in Colorado (ahh Colorado) he found the solution to his sweaty, bored delimna. BREW BEER! It was cheap and seemed fairly easy to get started with! Also, it was beer! With one terrible batch under his belt he knew that it was a passion more than a hobby. Jack loves pushing the boundaries with OHBC beers and like John can and will talk about beer all day if left unchecked.  You can often find Jack behind the bar and behind the scenes at the brewery!

John oglesbee


John is really the mad scientist/ evil genius behind Oil Horse beers. His freakishly good palet, strong experience with, and knowledge of ingredients combined with ADD bring OHBC brews to life. His curiosity and creativity shine through each pint. While innovation is a high priority, repeatability is equally important to our brewery and John knows how to get it done. He loves talking shop, and playing very intense, very involved, very long board games! So catch him in the brewery or taproom, grab a beer, and let the games (or just a conversation) begin!




taproom hours


Closed/Available for special events


5 p.m.–9 p.m.


5 p.m.–10ish


2 p.m.–10ish w/Live music from 7–9!

Follow us on FB for exceptions to these hours and more info on the taproom!